Miss Ex-Yugoslavia by Sofija Stefanovic

Genre: Memoir
⭐️Stars from Goodreads: 4.07
⭐️Stars from me: 5
Available on Amazon.

Read Miss Ex-Yugoslavia.

If there was only one phrase I could say about this book, that would be it – read it!

I loved the book so much I was ready to send the copies to everybody I knew. Unfortunately, most people I know either don’t read English, or don’t read at all. So I created this blog to say it to the world – read Miss Ex-Yugoslavia!

Read it, even if you have no idea about Yugoslavia, or any other socialist country, or what it feels like to be a bearer of two different cultures. In fact, read it exactly for this reason. The book will show you something new. And isn’t it the primary treasure of books, to let you experience what you otherwise would have never experienced?

Read it because it’s honest and clear, like anything that is true art. Miss Ex-Yugoslavia will teach you more about history, people and wars than all school books combined.

The book will make you laugh and cry, aloud and alone. And how often does this happen nowadays?

Finally, if you were born in a socialist country, if you know what it is like to acquire a new different culture, if you know what it feels like when different truths contradict each other and are still equally real, this book is definitely for you. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will reconnect with times and spaces that you considered long lost. This book will not just be an exciting read but a journey.

My heartfelt thanks to the author Sofija Stefanovic for this amazing experience!

2 thoughts on “Miss Ex-Yugoslavia by Sofija Stefanovic

  1. Hi Alexandra,
    Impressed by your new blog Neo Watercolour sent me a link and I too am impressed 🙂
    You’ve chosen a nice uncluttered WordPress theme and the blog posts are succinct. I like the format of your posts, where you note the Good Reads score and then add your own. Lots of useful links without them being too distracting or overdone. Your style of review is very readable and your enthusiasm for reading is apparent.
    I keep the blogs I follow to a minimum, because life is too short and the world is already spinning too fast! I am however looking forward to following yours.
    My own ‘Same Scene Different Story’ blog is a recent addition to my WordPress blogs. It is intended as a fun place for myself and a few friends to write creatively with each piece inspired by a chosen image. Hence the name of the site. If you visit, there is an ‘About’ page which explains the idea more clearly. It’s early days and we are in no hurry to build it into anything substantial. I’ve never considered myself a writer so it’s a new world to explore. (If you do drop in on the blog I write under the the name Ari Stratton (AS)
    I realise this comment has nothing to do with your book review on this blog post. I’m happy for you to delete it after reading it rather than leave something which is completely off-topic on this blog post. I really just wanted to offer a bit of feedback.
    Had been a comments box on the ‘About’ page I would have left it there. Might it be an idea to have one on that page, so new followers can introduce themselves or leave general comments about your site? It may not be a good idea and it’s just a thought 🙂
    That is all from me.
    Keep up the good work and I hope you continue to enjoy your blog.
    Sending best wishes

    1. Hi Ari,
      Thank you so much for such an insightful comment! I loved it! What a gift! So much useful information 🙂 Thank you for your kind words, I’m so happy you like my blog! I will definitely visit yours. Of course, you are right, there should be a comment box under my About page. I was sure it was there. I’ll work on it 🙂

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