Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman

The best book about love 

Genre: lgbt romance
⭐️Stars from Goodreads: 4.3
⭐️Stars from me: 4

Call Me by Your Name is the best book about love that I have recently read, partially because I have little to compare to. I don’t hunt for books about love, because it’s close to impossible to find a good one, one that wouldn’t make you feel idiotic for reading even a few lines from it. Call Me by Your Name is also about the biggest love that I have ever read about. It’s the love between two men so I’m sure this book will seem less conventional for some. Luckily, I was gay friendly even before I knew there was a term for it, so I was able to just enjoy the feelings in the book, without being distracted. I’ve never seen an author dissect the feelings so elaborately, lay them out, hold them against the light and watch them so closely. If you are more into action stories, you will get bored. If you see treasures in things expressed beautifully and precisely, you’ll find your gems. If you like keeping feelings even after the characters who had them are gone, this book is also for you.

My biggest disappointment with the book was its sex scenes, again too graphic for my prude self. This time though, I can’t even say they were unnecessary. They conveyed a lot, but I would still prefer not to know it, even if that meant losing some depths of the book. Because of those graphic scenes I’m giving the book only four stars (which apparently still excited Kindle search engine, it has been offering me gay romance ever since).

There’s a movie based on the book. I tried to watch this semi-eaten skeleton of what once was a shining story, but couldn’t finish it. The actors were chosen perfectly, though, as if someone outlined them from the book. If you are interested in the story, I would strongly suggest you would read the book and ignore the movie.

7 thoughts on “Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman

  1. I was lazy and I ‘only’ saw the film. Now for me it’s too late to read the book. I did read ‘Love, Simin’ before watching the film.

      1. Seems like something is happening to the comments. I see your comment as a preview and in my email but it doesn’t appear under the post. I’d like to reply anyway. 🙂 I couldn’t watch the movie. I tried and quit midway. The book was so beautiful and full but the movie was just random scraps of the plot. If you like such books you will still enjoy this one even if you watched the movie.

      1. It’s a young adult story. If you’re open to YA books, then yes, it’s good. here’s this mix of ‘relatable and ‘nostalgia to a non-existing past’. I wish I had a youth like that. But I didn’t…

        Obviously the book digs deeper than the film.

        1. I think Goodreads believe I like YA because they keep sending me newsletters with this topic. I might have liked something from YA books in the past. I’ll have a look at this book then. Thanks for the info! 🙂

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