I’m Robinson Crusoe of the reading world

I live on the Moon. Or at least it feels like that.

The actual map shows that I’m somewhere in Europe, but I’m on the Moon according to many publishers. I can’t get some titles because they are “not for sale in this country/region”. They are online titles!

I understand it when they are too lazy to spin the globe and find a country they need to deliver a physical copy to, so they just don’t. But not to include a country in the list of licensed for online sales?! And then they all go Indiana Jones fighting pirates.

I’m sure there are eloquent explanations from the world of business and publishing as to why such things can happen. I belong to neither of those worlds, so in my blissful ignorance I feel justified to say: “What the actual …?!”

Ms. Hunter, can you please talk to your publishers and ask them to find Montenegro on the map? I’d really like to get Close to Home audiobook.

Updated on 16.09.18:

Cara Hunter replied via twitter that an author has no control over where their book will be sold. Thank you Cara for the reply.

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6 thoughts on “I’m Robinson Crusoe of the reading world

  1. Ha! I was already wondering where the moon was in this case :-). I understand your sadness, things are changing for me with the blog getting bigger and I’m not complaining anymore but it was very frustrating to see bloggers get two copies but hearing they don’t send international..

    1. Do you mean the bloggers don’t send international or Netgallery doesn’t? How is it with English language books in Belgium? You probably have huge book stores there.

      1. I meant publishers sending paperbacks internationally. Also when there are giveaways it’s often UK only. As for bloggers, I see lots of hashtags #booksfortrade and #bookswap and there are FB groups books to fairy but also often specific US only or UK only. Books are very expensive here (20 euro) and there are very few English bookstores too so no, not the best country for bookworms. I’d love an Asda store or Tesco where you can get recently pub books for only 4 £.

        1. I understand what you mean. Although here all books are rare, even those in local language. I’ve been trying to find one in vain and it’s by an author who’s famous here. I don’t know much about NetGallery yet. I hoped publishers just send a digital copy if they can’t send a paperback across borders.

          1. You can try BookDepository perhaps if it ships to your country. Netgalley is awesome and I also started reading via The Pigeonhole. It’s a bit buddy reading which is fun because you can see the comments of others. Check it out 😉

          2. Book Depository are saints! I don’t know what I would be doing without them. The majority of my books are Kindle, but whenever I need a paper book I order it from them. It takes 3 weeks to get here, but they do get here, it’s the most important. Thanks for the info about The Pigeonhole. Never heard of them. You’ve been so helpful and supporting, I’m really grateful to you ❤️

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