‘Bad science’ on homeopathy, creams, detoxing treatments and other scams

Genre: popular science. Stars from Goodreads: 4.07. Stars from me: 5.

In a recent post I mentioned the wild places I go to. Today I took one of my books along. Some extra weight never hurt anybody, right? 😉 Here’s the photo shoot and the review of Bad Science by Ben Goldacre.IMG_20180908_110637-01.jpeg

Bad Science and waterfalls
Doesn’t it look like the Moon? 😉

Since the time I read this book years ago I’ve been telling the same things to people. Things like:

  • No, your facial cream doesn’t work. It’s a scam. At best it glues microscopic wrinkles straight for a few moments.
  • Homeopathy is the hugest scam ever! It’s unbelievable that its promoters aren’t prosecuted. (That’s when I usually hear stories how homeopathy helped someone. In reality it was either placebo or the time just came to get better.)
  • Omega 3 is a scam that started from the result of one single tiny biased research that doesn’t even qualify as a real research.

I could also tell you lots of hilarious stories behind those “detoxing treatments” but Ben Goldacre has a talent for entertaining audience with science so it’s better to hear those stories from him.

I can instead make you laugh with this photo.

I’ve learned tons of useful information from the book. There are references to scientific work and research behind each finding. It means you can actually check why the facts from the book are true, unlike statements from advertisers or folklore. I haven’t managed to persuade any single person though. They continue to invest into things that at best won’t help them and at worst will hurt them. They refuse to read Bad Science or look for scientific information somewhere else. Maybe ignorance feels safer. If you can’t see you are wrong, you might believe you are always right and thus nothing bad will ever happen to you.

Maybe it will be different this time. Now I have the blog (❗❗❗😍). This post can reach someone who’s already suspecting some foul play in all the fashionable treatments, supplements and cosmetics. If you are the one looking for answers, read Bad Science. It was written for you.

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