The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker is for those who dream about a really good book

Genre: magical science fiction. Stars from Goodreads: 4.04. Stars from me: 5.

What will happen if something as innocent and usual as dreams is placed in the middle of an apocalyptic story? What if dreams can change your life and who you are? The Dreamers by Karen Thomson Walker shows you such story. The book is much deeper than just a catastrophe scenario. It makes you question your own beliefs and reality. The ideas stay with you even after the book is finished.

The Dreamers is so seamless and complete it’s hard to dismantle and analyse it, but I’ll focus on some details. I loved how the characters are never explained or described. Everything you learn about them you learn from their actions. That’s why they are able to genuinely horrify or amuse you. Even though you never feel like you know them completely, you feel real emotions towards them.

The writing style is a unique element of this book. The sentences have their own rhythm that build a particular atmosphere for the book. It feels like slumber. The last time I watched an author use a language so skilfully was in the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Perfectly created visuals constantly change, so although you feel no dynamism of actions, the story itself is progressing. This too makes it feel more like watching a dream rather than reading a book.

I’m sure The Dreamers would make a wonderful movie. It could be similar to Interstellar, but better because it would have a concise and solid plot.

The Dreamers is for those who are looking for more than just a story. I also think everybody should read it just to experience a book that has its own unique melody. The book will be available for purchase in January 2019.

I’m very grateful to the author for such a beautiful book, and to the publishers for providing me with the copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I will be looking forward to other works by Karen Thomson Walker.

3 thoughts on “The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker is for those who dream about a really good book

  1. Wonderful review of The Dreamers by Karen Thompson.
    Your review has got me hooked and I was going to buy it when
    I spotted it comes out in Jan -19. Will put it on my list,

    1. Hi Miriam, it’s awesome! Really means a lot to me when my review was useful for someone and when it might lead to a person meeting a good book. You made my day. Thank you!

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