On books, time travel and advance reading copies

I recently reviewed a couple of books “from the future”. That means they are ARCs (advance reading copies) sent by publishers to “readers of influence” so that the readers can read and influence via their platforms.

Just a few weeks ago I didn’t even know such practice existed. Although I always wondered how come that unreleased books already have ratings. Now I know how it works.

To say that I’m excited is an understatement.

It is, indeed, a full-blown real time travel! The books are not yet out there! They don’t even have covers when I receive them! And yet I am already able to read them along with just a few other lucky ones from around the globe.

Isn’t it mind-blowing?

These copies are free which is particularly convenient taking into account that this time travelling seems to be giving me time-controlling super powers. It takes me just a few hours to devour an ARC. It would have been quite pricey otherwise at such a speed of consumption.

I’ve been even more picky than ever choosing books from available copies. It means a cosmic scale of pickiness because I’m already a very picky reader even with usual books. It’s a whole different challenge to criticise something when your feedback is one of very few, it is being awaited and watched, and you do it about something you got for free. It is like coming to someone’s home, eating a dinner they cooked for you and then having to tell them you didn’t enjoy it.

I’ve managed to escape this situation so far. I’ve been extremely lucky with books and read only good ones. The review of the first one is already on my blog.

Off to treasure hunt for more! Stay tuned for more reviews of new releases!


6 thoughts on “On books, time travel and advance reading copies

  1. I used to find ASC’s at estate sales in the NYC suburbs – I guess there are a lot of critics in the area! It was always fun to find one, and think about it coming out before publication. Keep them coming! And thanks for the follow, I appreciate it.

    1. Is ASC ARC? :)) I heard many popular reviewers receive such books in bunches but they don’t care about the most and just discard them. It’s another level. :)) Happy to see you here, thanks for your comment!

  2. I recently joined NetGalley so I’m hoping to get some ARCs in the future when I know I have the time to read and review them. Trying to contain my enthusiasm though, it would be easy to get carried away! I used to work for a publisher and the books could sometimes be ready several months in advance, it was pretty good to read them before other people 😉

    1. Luckily not all books I request are getting approved. There is still dead silence on those I’m the most interested in. I thought you had an ARC, but maybe I misremember your tweet.

  3. You remember correctly, I did order one ARC (not a particularly exciting one mind you), which is on my tablet right now, about a third of the way through. It was really to test out the process and see how I feel about reviewing. If I’m to get any more, I’ll need to factor in the time to read and review them.

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