The Songbird Girls by Richard Parker

Genre: crime thriller. ⭐️Stars from Goodreads: 4.2 . ⭐️Stars from me: 3.

The Songbird Girls is the second book in the series about a detective called Tom Fabian. I didn’t read the first book but I was still able to understand what was happening in the second one.

What I liked about The Songbird Girls by Richard Parker

It was quite a good thriller. The writing is great, the characters are busy playing their roles, there are no huge plot holes to dance around or ignore. The Songbird Girls is fast-paced and very easy to read. You can read the whole book within one weekend.

What I didn’t like about the book

Lack of logic

I understand that the serial killer doesn’t really need any logic or motivation, he’s a psychopath after all. But the book states he chose to do some things to get to certain outcomes which he suddenly annihilates by now choosing to do opposite things. Sure, he’s mentally unstable so the erratic behaviour shouldn’t really surprise anyone, but I still feel it’s a flaw in a story when “he’s just crazy” is the only explanation.

Redundant scenes

Imagine Professor Moriarty trying to get Holmes to the The Reichenbach Falls but failing at his first attempt. Then imagine we suddenly learn he actually succeeded at his second attempt. We don’t witness the second attempt. Nothing meaningful happens as a result of the first one either. Question: why is the first scene there at all?

The ending

The ending is well-formed even though it’s quite abrupt. It does answer questions but it also makes the existence of those answers pointless, so it doesn’t really bring any satisfaction.

Final thoughts

It is definitely not a bad thriller. If someone’s looking for a decent well-written mystery and crime story, The Songbird Girls might be the right choice.

I’m very thankful to the publishers for the copy in exchange for my honest opinion. The book will be out in ten says, on 19.12.18.

2 thoughts on “The Songbird Girls by Richard Parker

  1. Great review. I love this series and glad to hear that you were able to enjoy it without having read the first book. I liked this one more than the first 🙂

    1. Thank you Diana! I’m not sure I will continue with the series. I was slightly disappointed with the ending. But I liked the writing, and the overall structure of the book. I think many readers will like it.

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